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Konvertierung von schweizerischen Anführungszeichen für LibreOffice und OpenOffice.

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v3.2.3 Optional update

Modify the “Back to standard view” icon for better display in LibreOffice 7.1.

Based on curly v3.2.1

v3.2.2 Make the help function os independent

Change the HTML launch mechanism of the show_help macro.

Based on curly v3.2.0

v3.2.1 Leave the AutoCorrect settings untouched

Switching off AutoCorrect seemed to be unnecessary. However, the source of the troubles with v3.1.2 and LibreOffice 7 is unknown.

v3.2.0 Modification for LibreOffice 7

Switch off AutoCorrect while replacing the quotes.

Based on curly 3.2.0

v3.1.2 Bugfix release

Add missing StarBasic macros.

Based on curly v3.1.1

v3.1.1 Service update

Move the project to a central repository.

v3.1.0 Provide help

Add help to the user interface.

Based on curly v3.1.0