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Use character styles instead of direct formatting to mark up text.

Screenshot: toolbar

The emph extension for OpenOffice and LibreOffice

For the body text of fiction such as novels or short stories, “integrated” markup styles are commonly used that are not immediately eye-catching, but only as you read: the “emphasis” using italics and the “strong emphasis” using small caps.

Writer supports this by providing character styles that you can customize yourself and use instead of direct formatting with, for example, “Bold” and “Italic”. You might wish to quickly mark up the text while writing without having to go to the selection list of character styles each time.

This extension provides a toolbar to quickly assign the “Emphasis”, “Strong Emphasis” and “Default” character styles. To assign the appropriate character template to all directly formatted text passages in the document (and vice versa), there is a “Convert text markup” menu.

System requirements

Download and install

Download the extension variant that matches your Office installation:

Apache OpenOffice 4.x variant (emph-A-1.7.0.oxt) 3.x variant (emph-1.7.0.oxt)

LibreOffice variant (emph-L-1.9.0.oxt)



See the instructions for use

Get updates

This extension supports the update mechanism of OpenOffice. You can let the Extension Manager check for updates from time to time to get the latest release.


OpenOffice Extension Compiler by Bernard Marcelly.


This extension is distributed under the MIT License.