yWriter - OpenOffice/LibreOffice converter

This project is maintained by peter88213

yW2OO - Data transfer between OpenOffice/LibreOffice and yWriter


yWriter is a free word processor written by Australian author and programmer Simon Haynes. yWriter’s strengths are structuring novels and controlling the progress during the writing process. With this Python script, you can combine the advantages of yWriter 7 with the advantages of OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

Features (a Python 3 installation is required)


Please note:

yW2OO was fundamentally revised.

Download and install

Download the latest release (version 5.7.3)

Note for Linux users

Please make sure that your Python3 installation has the tkinter module. On Ubuntu, for example, it is not available out of the box and must be installed via a separate package.



See the instructions for use


The icons are made using the free Pusab font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, Flat-it.


yW2OO is distributed under the MIT License.

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