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yWriter is a free word processor written by Australian author and programmer Simon Haynes. yWriter’s strengths are structuring novels and controlling the progress during the writing process. With this extension you can combine the advantages of yWriter 7 with the advantages of LibreOffice.


You can find more information on the help pages.


OpenOffice users: This extension can not be installed on OpenOffice. An OpenOffice variant can be found here.

Download and install

Download the latest release (version 1.38.2)


Get updates

This extension supports the update mechanism of LibreOffice. You can let the Extension Manager check for updates from time to time to get the latest release.


OpenOffice Extension Compiler by Bernard Marcelly.

Frederik Lundh published the xml pretty print algorithm.

Andrew D. Pitonyak published useful Macro code examples in Macros Explained.


This extension is distributed under the MIT License.

See also

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